Equal Housing Opportunity Communities



Socha Companies does not discriminate on the basis of any status protected by federal, state, or local law, in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs, services and activities including, but not limited to, the following: race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, and age.

Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modifications for People with Disabilities

Changes in rules, policies, practices and services are called reasonable accommodations and structural changes to a unit or common area are also considered an accommodation if the site receives federal dollars and is called a reasonable modification if the site doesn’t. If you or any member of your household have a disability and as a result need any of the following to have an equal opportunity to apply to or live in our development, or participate in services and programs we offer, please let us know:

  • A change in a rule, policy, practice or service;
  • A preferred way for us to communicate with you or give you information, such as Braille, large print or using a hearing interpreter;
  • A physical change or modification in your apartment, such as grab bars or lowering the cabinets, or strobe lights; and
  • A physical change or modification in some other part of the housing site.

If your disability and the need for the accommodation or modification is obvious or you can document that you have a disability and need the accommodation or modification requested to apply to our housing or have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling or the premises, we will:

  • permit, at the expense of the person with the disability, reasonable modifications; and
  • provide the reasonable accommodation if it does not pose an undue financial and administrative burden or fundamental change in the program, which means in simple language if it is not too expensive and too difficult to arrange or do, or does not require us to do something that the housing program is not designed to do or would prevent us from doing what we are required to do.

We will give you an answer as to whether we can provide the reasonable accommodation/approve the physical modification within ten (10) business days unless there is a problem getting the information we need, or unless you agree to a longer time. We will let you know if we need more information or documentation from you or if we would like to talk to you about other ways to meet your needs.

If we turn down your request, we will explain the reasons. If you want, you may then give us information that addresses the reason why we turned down your request.

A REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION/PHYSICAL MODIFICATION REQUEST FORM is available at the management office listed below. Let us know if you need help filling out the form or if you want to give us your request in some other way. Reasonable Accommodations/Physical Modifications may be requested orally or in writing. Please do not hesitate to contact the management office.

NOTE: All information you provide will be kept confidential and be used only to enable you to have an equal opportunity to apply to or enjoy your housing, including services and the common areas.

Free Language Assistance for People with Limited English Proficiency

If your primary language is not English and as a result you have difficulty reading, writing or understanding English, we will provide you free language assistance, so you can apply to our housing program or communicate with us regarding a housing related matter. If your primary language is not English and as a result you have Limited English proficiency, please put a checkmark next to your primary language on the attached “I SPEAK” form and return the form to the management office as listed below. We will do our best to try to accommodate your request in a timely manner. Please contact the management office if you have any suggestions regarding how we can best meet your language needs or if you have any questions about our free language assistance.

Management Office

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145 Cilley Road, Suite 101
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Phone: (603) 627-8993
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